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MichaelA powerful video editor with a good creative flow.

A review by Michael

Vegas Pro is a video editing software package available for PC for non-linear editing (NLE) originally published by Sonic Foundry, then by Sony Creative Software, and now by Magix. It has become a revolutionary software, which helps users edit videos and is most famous for non-linear editing. The first publisher of this software was Sonic Foundry but was shifted to Sony Creative Software. Sony sold the software in May 2016 to Magix for further research, development, and support. Magix is the current publisher and releases Vegas Pro as a legacy software package.

Main features

  • Is compatible with many computers considering its build and hardware. Concerning graphics, Vegas Pro supports in-depth detail editing. Users can view images in 3D, directly from the z-axis for editing an image in a certain spatial aspect.
  • Processing a video in Vegas Pro is easy and follows a model similar to editing audio in major DAWs. Sony Vegas allows the addition of special effects to video footage on all three levels: output, track, and event.
  • A much-needed function not present in Vegas Pro is MIDI compatibility, which is a requirement for enhancing audio. It limits the software in producing sound, restricting it towards a single (Video Editing) market only.
  • With the integration of the latest non-linear editing plugin, 24p DV, Vegas Pro can now convert any other format to the 24p format or transform one file format to another with no third-party application.
  • Multiple instances of the software can use the same project where one window can render part of the video, while another window can support editing a specific part of the video.
  • Sony Vegas also supports copying the sequence of a video from one instance of Vegas Pro to the second instance with ease.
  • Vegas Pro differs from other video editing softwares because of its unique feature of scripting which enables better productivity, automation of tasks and simplification of work.

Editing video or audio files

A little known fact is that (Sony) Vegas Pro began as software for editing audio, it gradually developed itself to editing non-linear videos since the inception of 2.0 version. This software now supports editing an unlimited amount of audio and video in real-time. It also supports complex editing of video, special effects, and direct plugin support like DirectX, VST integration.

Reception of Vegas Pro

The software has a huge fan base all over the world, as an efficient, versatile video editing software. Vegas Pro has found usage by many small creators, such as YouTubers, to major companies such as Hollywood. Many winners of film festivals have also used this software because of its simplicity.

Products related to Vegas Pro

The main alternative to Vegas Pro is Vegas Movie studio, which has the same interface and coding as the original software, but lacks certain professional video editing features which makes it considerably less popular. Vegas Movie Studio also requires you to purchase Sony DVD and Blu-ray discs to access these professional features.


Vegas Pro is a powerful software which finds its requirement to edit videos with no difficulty. It comprises both a comfortable editing environment and the professional editing environment. They couple it with many other tools and finds usage by many creators. It has a broad fan base with a proven track record in video editing.

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