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MichaelA free cross-platform web browser based on the Blink engine.

A review by Michael

At first, Vivaldi was a virtual community website that was shut down in March 2014 by Opera Software. Although the virtual community was shut down by Opera Software, they also founded the company that developed the Vivaldi browser (Vivaldi Technologies). The cross-platform web browser was officially launched on April 6, 2016. Based on the Chromium project, Vivaldi brings the best of Google Chrome and Opera. Due to original and innovative features like faster navigation, clever bookmarking, smart browsing, etc, this web browser stands out from the competition. It also has many key features which make it a useful browser to have:


This feature allows you to make notes in order to save your ideas and thoughts. They are easy to make and can contain text content, attached files, links to websites, and even screenshots of webpages.

User Interface

Unlike many other web browsers, Vivaldi lets you customize the UI depending on your needs and choices. You are able to change the background color, address bar and tabs positioning, start pages and overall theme.

Speed Dial

With this feature you can easily access your favorite web sites with visual bookmarks. More than that, you can group websites into folders so you can easily find your needed information.

Web Panels

Web Panels allows users to view more websites at the same time by putting a web page in a panel on either side of the main window. This way, you can, for example, follow the news while you check your social media. This feature has lots of applications which could help you save some time. No other web browser has this as an in-built feature, which is surprising considering it’s a vital tool for multitaskers.

Nickname Bookmarks

For faster access, you can set a nickname for any bookmark you want. This way, you no longer have to type in the address bar the entire name of the site you want to access, you can only type the nickname you set and the web browser will direct you to it.

Privacy and Security

Since Privacy and Security are one of the most important things, we should take a look at exactly what Vivaldi Technologies said about this feature:

“Making the browser is our job. How you use it is none of our business, we believe that unnecessary collection of data is dangerous and has no place in your browser. Websites you visit, cookies and temporary files will not be stored by Vivaldi when you browse in a Private Window.”

Mouse gesture shortcuts

Going into the Settings dialog, you are able to select “mouse”, which will enable or disable mouse gestures. These gestures will let you open a New Tab, go back, and perform dozens of other tasks. Using a Touch-Pad might be a problem because these gestures don’t work that well, meaning you must have a mouse to use them. However, for hardcore PC users, this is a key feature that makes browsing the internet much easier and faster.


Vivaldi is a very powerful web browser that has numerous useful features meant to save us time and make our life easier. It is a unique freeware that has almost everything you need in a web browser.

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