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A review by Michael

VLC Media Player, or simply known as VLC, is a portable media player which is free, open-source and cross-platform. It was developed by VideoLAN and initially released on February 1, 2001. Since then, it has gone through numerous updates which have made this media player one of the most used in the world. These are the main features of VLC media player:


At first, the GUI for Windows was based wxWindgets, and now it is based on Qt 4. Due to the skins interface, users have access to highly customizable skins, making every user’s VLC player unique and visually appealing. More than that, VLC supports XMMS and Winamp 2 skins too. The possibilities are therefore endless in terms of users’ interfaces.

Convert Video or Audio Files

By using VLC, users no longer need to use third-party software if they want to convert video or audio files to any format. This media player has free in-built features that allows users to convert most types of video and/or audio files.

Download or Stream YouTube Videos

By going to “Media>Open Network Stream”, users can stream a video, and if they go to “Tools>Codec Information”, they can download the video by selecting the “Save Video as …” option.

Record Webcam and Desktop

Users can use VLC media player as a webcam and screen recorder. They only have to go to “Media>Open Capture Device” and select the Capture Mode (DirectShow or Desktop). More than that, VLC can also capture snapshots. This can be done by going to “Video>Take Snapshot”, or by simply pressing “SHIFT+S”.


By using Bookmarks, users can stop watching a video at any arbitrary time without having to search, when they return, for the point where they left off. Bookmarks take care of this problem. To create one, users have to access “Playback>Custom Bookmarks>Manage”. Therefore, users can go back to any timestamp of a movie or song which they set beforehand.

Video Wallpaper

With the help of VLC, users can turn their Desktop into a playback screen for a video that they are playing in this media player. To do so, users only have to go to “Video>Set as Wallpaper”.


VLC helps us get rid of a third-party software if we want to add Watermarks on a video. Users can easily add a custom watermark to a video by going to “Tools>Effects and Filters”.

Video and Audio Effects

Speaking of effects, VLC allows us to add some effects and filters to video and audio files. Users can crop videos, adjust the brightness, rotate the videos, add effects like Spatial and Motion blur, synchronize their audio, and use many other more effects.

ASCII Characters

Playing a video as ASCII Characters is not necessarily useful, but can be fun. To use this feature, users can go to “Tools>Preferences” and from here users can set their desired video output.

Audio Normalization

Using this feature, users can optimize the volume of any media by adjusting the decibel level of music, gunshots, explosions, dialog, and so on. Using the audio normalization feature, users can improve the sound quality of poorly optimized videos and autio tracks,

Internet Radio

VLC Media Player allows users to access Podcasts and Internet Radio right from your computer. It is one of the little-used features of this media player, but can be useful from time to time.


VLC Media Player comes with a lot of excellent features that can help us enjoy videos and music without having to download multiple 3rd party software. It is one of the best media platforms available which is free and open-source (in fact the software publishers are non-profit).

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