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Azeroth beckons you into one of the world’s greatest RTS game

A review by Peter

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne is an expansion pack to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game was published in North America by Blizzard Entertainment on July 1, 2003 and in Europe by Sierra on July 4, 2003. The game was quickly awareded many game of the year awards following its release.

Three main campaigns

The Frozen Throne takes place in the imaginary world of medieval-fantasy called Azeroth. The story unfolds shortly after the events of Warcraft III during which the Night Elves, aided by humans and Orcs exiled on Kalimdor, manage to defeat the Burning Legion and destroy Archimonde. In the first part of the main campaign, the player follows guard Maiev Shadowsong in pursuit of Illidan Stormrage after he was released from prison. In the second campaign, the player follows Prince Kael’thas, commander of the Blood Elves, the last surviving High Elves of Lordaeron. To save his people, he allies himself with with Illidan and the Nagas with whom he went to conquer Draenor. In the last campaign, the player successively follows Arthas and Sylvanas Windrunner in their fight against the demons. Responding to the call of the Lich King, Arthus goes to Northrend where he fights Illidan Stormrage and his allies to take control of the Frozen Throne.

New factions

Several new factions are introduced in The Frozen Throne campaigns. The Blood Elves replace the High Elves within the Alliance and the player is brought to confront two nonplayable factions: the Naga and the Draenei. To combat them, each faction is given new units, available both in the campaign and multiplayer mode, and some existing units gain new capabilities. New heroes also appear as each faction has an additional hero and can recruit mercenary heroes in a new neutral building. Each faction also has a new building that allows for the purchase of items and new defensive buildings (such as arcande towers) are introduced to help players fend off rushes of heroes, a popular Warcraft III strategy. The campaign also reveals three new environments populated by new neutral units, as well as naval combat.


Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne’s battle.net servers have been something of a revolution in the gaming world. With many great games, like Footman’s Frenzy, Line Tower Wars, Hero Line Wars, Risk and even DOTA being born. The game’s battlenet servers are still populated with quite a lot of games. This is a testimony to the game’s rich lore and well-made gameplay mechanics, that such great games were made using the Frozen Throne map editor.

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