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Windows Essentials 2012 (Wave 5) is the 2012 and final release of Microsoft’s popular freeware software suite. This suite contained software which almost all of us know and have used in the past, such as Windows Movie Maker and the Windows Photo Gallery. It even included the ancestor of today’s Onedrive, known as “SkyDrive for Windows”. It was officially released for Windows 7 and 8 users on the 7th of August 2012, although the software included in the Windows Essential package wll work fine on Windows 10 as well.

Which software does Windows Essentials 2012 include?

The 2012 Windows Essential package includes early version of these well known and loved software:

Windows Movie Maker
Windows Photo Gallery
Windows Live Writer
Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Family Safety
OneDrive desktop app for Windows

Choose which software you need

Windows Essentials has changed quite a lot over the years, evolving the software it offers as well as adding new ones. However, it was always possible, and still is, to uncheck any of the programs within the suite which you don’t want. This will help you save space and get rid of any applications which you don’t need.

Software which are no longer working

Unfortunately, Microsoft has decided to deprecate and end support for certain software initially released in Windows Essentials 2012. Of these software, are Windows Messenger (which was stopped after Microsoft’s purchasing of Skype). A Windows antivirus software included in the package known as “Microsoft Security Essentials” was relaunched as “Windows Defender” which is an integrated part of all Windows 10 devices. SkyDrive was completely overhauled and released two years later as the well known “OneDrive”. Windows Live Sync is another software which was renamed (although it is less popular) into a software called “Windows Live Mesh”. Windows Live Mesh was also used for the storage, sharing and syncing of files, although it was also replaced by OneDrive. Finally Microsoft Silverlight, which was essential for the running of certain web interfaced, was fully integrated into future Windows operating systems, leading to its discontinuation. Other software which were discontinued include Windows Live Toolbar, Office Outlook Connector and Office Live Add-in.

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