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WinRAR is a PC file archiver initially released on April 22, 1995. Being a trialware file archiver, you have the chance to test it for 40 days before you decide whether you want to buy it or not. However, you can simply continue using it for free, although you will get prompts to buy the software. WinRAR allows us to create archives, view them, and unpack various archive formats.

Supported File Formats

Besides the standard file formats that a file archiver can compress (RAR and ZIP formats), WinRAR can create self-extracting files (or SFX) too. This type of files has the advantage of being able to execute commands like “Run” without being first extracted. When it comes to extracting archives, WinRAR supports all the popular extensions (TAR, ISO, 7-ZIP, Z, and so on). It has also invented the RAR5 compression technology, which is the next generation of RAR (better compression and encryption/security).

User Interface

Although WinRAR is a professional tool, its user interface is very easy to handle. It has a classic look, and all the necessary tools and options are listed in a top bar making them easily accessible.


An essential feature, which makes it one of best if not the best file archiver, is that it consistently creates smaller, highly compressed archives. This leads to faster decompression and faster download speeds if these file archives are shared. More than that, this feature frees up space on our hard drives. You can even split the archives into smaller volumes. Doing this, you can transfer large files easier.

Security and Protection

“The most important thing is security” – when we create archives, we have the valuable option to encrypt them, with a 128-bit password, to protect our data. Due to this opportunity, we can send our data through the web without worrying about its integrity. WinRAR allows you to encrpyt all files you archive. WinRAR also comes with a built-in virus scanner. With its help, users can scan the archives before extracting them to prevent their devices from getting infected with malicious code.

Free Updates

Another thing that makes WinRAR stand out is the fact that unlike many other file archivers, this software gives you all the updates for free. Using WinRAR, you do not have to pay for it when a new update comes out.

Recovery Record

Using WinRAR, you can recover the RAR files that were saved on a flawed disc. With the help of Recovery Records, users can repair these archives and extract them after that. Keep in mind that this option is only available for the RAR file formats, and not for ZIP formats.

When Done

A feature that makes our life more comfortable and saves us some precious time is “When Done”. Selecting the option “When Done”, a list of 3 other options (Sleep, Hibernate and Turn OFF) will pop-up. If you choose one of these 3, your computer will comply with the selected option after the archiving is done. This is quite important for users that work well into the night and are archiving large amounts of data. They could simply set these files to finish archiving, and then make their computer shut down when archiving has finished.


WinRAR is a sophisticated software with a classic look, which allows anyone to use it efficiently. This file archiver is one of the best I have tried – it has so many great and useful features which the competition does not. Moreover, as a trialware, you can test all its features by yourself before you decide if you should buy it or not.


WinRAR is one of the most famous file archivers – it can create archives for your file in either .ZIP or .RAR formats. It also allows compression of files, encryption of file names, and protection of files using a password. The latest versions of the software have introduced compression of RAR5 formats.

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