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Kevin Li

An open-source online multiplayer game with all the features that made Wolfenstein a great FPS game

A review by Kevin

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a first person shooter video game developed by Splash Damage. This game was created after the success of the game it is based on, Return To Castle Wolfenstein (RTCW).


Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory simulates a battle between 2 opposing teams: the Axis and the Allies. This is based on the actual Axis and Allies armies during the Second World War. Reportedly, the developers were inspired by events such as those of Tobruk, the Battle of Britain and Operation Biting (the Bruneval Raid). The maps which can be played are few but extremely detailed and well made. They include: a beach in Normandy, a village in Africa, a forest in Bavaria etc. However, the great part is that, since the game is open-source, it is possible for players to create their own levels, missions and maps. Each game can be pretty huge (especially considering the date the game was released), where up to 64 players can play the same game at one time. The goal of the game is to win as a team by killing as many soldiers of the enemy’s side as possible. Teamwork has been made more important than in Return To Castle Wolfenstein, making it a game more suited to multiplayer mode. The coordination of all the classes is necessary to be victorious over the opposing side.

Is it online-only?

Originally, the game was played only using LAN or online networks to bring together large communities of Wolfenstein players. This is mostly done via the Quakenet servers. However, bots were created by fans of the game, this allowing single-play gaming. A ranking of the best teams can be found on various sites, which makes the game extremely competitive. Eac

Game controls

Each player has an array of actions and moves common to many first-person shooters of the generation. It is possible to walk, run, crouch, lie down, lean, see the level map, jump and sprint (when the player’s breath meter has not emptied), swim, retrieve care boxes, ammo, operate doors, switches, pull, reload etc. Shooting accuracy depends on the position of the player – accuracy is improved when lying down or squatting, but worse when standing.

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