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An action-packed MOBA, choose your Champion to vanquish your foes!

A review by Peter

Battlerite is an arena action brawler video game developed by Stunlock Studios, who were also the creators behind titles such as Bloodline Champions (which has now been abandoned online), and is also published by the same studio for the Microsoft Windows platform, and was originally released for this platform on September 20, 2016 as an Early Access title. Known as the spiritual successor the Bloodline Champions (which is now defunct), Battlerite borrows heavy elements from it including the art style, despite it being a game from a completely different genre.

Choose between melee, ranged and support champions

In Battlerite, players are put in the shoes of one of the 16+ “Champions” available in the character roster (although new updates will likely increase the number of Champions), each with their own unique abilities, weapons and looks. Some Champions share similar base attributes and play styles, the basis for which is used to categorize them into three categories: Melee, Ranged, and Support. Melee Champions are made to fight in close combat and their abilities work best when they are close to their enemies. Ranged Champions use weapons that are effective from a distance, or sometimes their abilities themselves are long-range. And finally, the Champions in Support focus mainly on helping their teammates. They generally possess less health and attack power, so they should be protected by Ranged Champions, while they themselves should support Melee Champions.

Make good use of mounts to travel faster

Players can also use “mounts” i.e. animals that give temporary speed boost to Champions. However, no ability can be used while riding the mount, and getting dismounted forcefully by the enemy will result in a snare, which will make the player vulnerable to enemy attack. In this way, there is a sense of dynamicism in the match, where the tide is never in one team’s favor constantly, and players have to use tactics and strategies constantly to stay one step ahead of the other team.

Small, tightly-knit teams

In Battlerite, players form teams of 2 or 3 players, and brawl against a team with the same number of team members. Using WSAD controls and a mouse aiming system, players have to pull of attacks and defeat the enemy team in various game modes. When a team wins a match, they are awarded with experience points accordingly with which their player ranking increases and they move forward in the global leaderboard. In Battlerite, there is a League system which is the ranking system employed by the game. Each League is divided into a time span of two months, and the player ranking of a new season is dependent on the performance displayed by the player up to the end of the previous season.

TL;DR Battlerite is an arena action brawler video game developed by Stunlock Studios, who were also the creators behind titles such as Bloodline Champions.

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