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A review by Kevin

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, more commonly known “CS: GO” or simply “CSGO” is a popular online first-person shooter game, and the inheritor of a long-line of popular counter-strike games. CSGO was developed by Valve Corporation, the developers of other well known shooter games such as Team Fortress 2 and Half-Life. Global Offensive was released on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2012 and was initally released as a paid game. However on December 6th, 2018 the game was made available as a free-to-play title.

No campaign, no story – just battles

Reminiscent to previous Counter-Strike games, Global Offensive is focused mainly on multiplayer aspects – if you want to play single player, you may do so but only against bots. There is no storyline or plot. CSGO simply pits two teams, a team of terrorists and a team of counter-terrorists, in a battlefield where both sides must kill each other relentessly.

Game modes

The game is divided into nine main game modes which are: Competitive, Casual, Deathmatch, Arms Race, Demolition, Wingman, Flying Scoutsman, Danger Zone, and Weapons Course. However, most of these mods are fun “side” mods with the game being mostly focused on the competitive mode, which is the mode regularly played in counter-strike e-sporting events.

How do you win?

The way your team wins a game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will depend on the game mode you are playing. For example in bomb game modes, the terrorists must allow a certain time to blow up the bomb, whereas the counter-terrorists must defuse the bomb. Otherwise, both teams must simply eliminate all members of the other team. The game is split into different “rounds” where you do not respawn until the current round is over. In the hostage scenario, the terrorists must hold hostages for a certain period of time or kill all the counter-terrorist forces. In casual mode, there are 15 rounds and the first team to reach 8 rounds wins the game. This contrasts with competitive mode where 30 rounds are played overall, and the first team to win 16 rounds is the winning team. The game can end up in a tie if both teams have 15 wins.

The players start each round with a knife and a pistol (pistol which differs according to the camp in which they play). They can buy weapons with the money they earn based on their actions in the game, as well as at each end of the round. A player may wear a maximum of two firearms, a primary weapon (rifles and others) and a secondary weapon (pistols). The player can also purchase grenades of various types, as well as armor (complete or partial) and a defusing kit (for anti-terrorists). Some weapons can only be bought by terrorists, and vice versa.

Once a player dies, he can no longer participate in the round, but can observe his teammates. All players are resurrected at the beginning of each round.

In a game, players are usually 10 (5 to 5). Bots will complete the game if there are less than 10 players.

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