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Kevin Li

The gaming client for some of the world’s top games, including Fortnite and Metro Exodus

A review by Kevin

Epic Games Launcher is a gaming client which allows you to purchase, stream and download games – mostly games which have been developed by its parent company “Epic Games”. Epic Games Launcher has been hailed as a strong competitor to the popular gaming distrubution client Steam. The main difference between the Epic Games Launcher and Steam is simply that Epic Games Launcher has different games listed on the store. Additionally, the Epic Games Launcher is considered as a storefront for the “Epic Games Store”. Epic Games Store is an online content (mostly games) distribution platform which manages game and software rights. It became publically available on December 6, 2018. Unlike Steam, which takes a whopping 30% of the revenue from all games (except those with a turnover of at least $ 10 million – yes, Steam is pretty scummy for those of you that don’t know), using the Epic Games Launcher will require only 12% of a game’s revenue, making it preferrable for many up and coming indie game developers.

In 2019, Epic Games has promised to offer a new game every two weeks within its Epic Games Launcher platform. It has focused on adding quality games only, unlike Steam which has allowed almost any game, no matter how good, to sell on its platform. The first game that was offered is the famous Subnautica. Many popular games are being made available through only Epic Games Launcher, such as Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and Anno 1800.

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