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Farming has never been funner

A review by Peter

Welcome to the new generation of Farming Simulator! FS15 brings to life a world of farming ready to be explored right on your screen. Simulating day-to-day farming task with a fun twist, Farming Simulator 15 is the ultimate game for farmer wannabes! Farming Simulator 15 is the sixth installment in the Farming Simulator series of simulator video-games, developed by Giants Software and published by Focus Home Interactive, and was originally released for Microsoft Windows and OS X platforms on October 13, 2014. The console versions of the game were released on May 19, 2015. A main sequel to the game titled “Farming Simulator 17” was released in October 2015 on all platforms. Another sequel to the game titled “Farming Simulator 16” was also released for Android and iOS, on May 8, 2015.

Harvest crops as a North-American farmer

In the game, players take on the role of a modern-day farmer in a North-American styled environment where they are tasked with growing and harvesting crops and animals and selling them to earn money, which in turn allows them to buy more land, vehicles, tools, vehicles, etc. essentially expanding their farm. Farming Simulator offers an open-world environment worth hundreds of acres of real area, and players are free to roam in this vast expanse using vehicles or on foot. Crops and animals that can be harvested and grown are similar to those of 2013. Players can grow chicken, sheep and crow and plant corn, wheat, potato, etc.

Much better graphics

Farming Simulator 15 expands further from the previous titles in the series in that it employs a completely new physics engine and updated graphics filled with detail, making it a simulation game like never before. Players can equip from over 140 new vehicles and farming equipment, from 40 (20 of which are completely new) authentic brands like New Holland, Case IH, Deutz Fahr, and many others with improved controls brought on by the new engine, which can be bought by selling harvest. This installment also introduces a new feature in the series called woodcutting, which allows players to cut wood from forests and sell them for cash using tools made specifically for this purpose. Farming Simulator 15 also features a new ‘equipment-washing’ ability in which players are allowed to clean tools and vehicles that get dirty while farming, further improving the sense of running a real farm.

Play with up to 15 other players!

Farming Simulator 15 also has a bigger multiplayer function from the previous games. Now, up to 15 players can band with each other help each other expand their farms, using an Internet connection. Using this feature, players can share mods, vehicles, and equipment with players all over the world, which makes for extended hours of gameplay.

New DLCs and other content

Since its original release on desktop, 6 DLCs for the game have been released, which mainly feature added vehicles from popular brands and companies like JCB. One of the DLCs, called “Gold”, was released as the successor to 2013’s “Titanium” edition, and features over 20 completely new vehicles as well as whole new map called Sosnovka along with other new equipment. Mods have also been added, and they can be used to buy a new variety of seeds. Mods are downloadable from the main menu.

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