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MichaelFRAPS is a great software choice for screen-recording, benchmarking and frame rate display capabilities

A review by Michael

Developed by Beepa, Fraps (also referred to as “Frames Per Second”) finds its usage in recording and capturing the screen content. It can also be using for benchmarking on Windows PCs.  This tool is useful for capturing the screen of those applications which rely on the usage of OpenGL and DirectX, such as most games played on PC.

History and the current state of FRAPS

Traditionally, Fraps could only store 4 GB data in a single file, and so it used to split the data as it reached the limit, and the user had to join these files at later stages. But after the 3.5.0 update, this operation underwent a considerable change, and the software now creates only a single video file with all the session data. But you can still use the method of file splitting, as they have not removed this option, to limit the crashes and maintain backwards compatibility. FRAPS used to utilize the support of Windows 7 and DirectX 11, till the 3.0 update. But after its update to 3.5.0, the requirements of the system have changed drastically.

Now, FRAPS requires Windows XP or any later version of Windows which supports SSE2 instructions, i.e., Pentium 4 or later. The trademark of FRAPS expired on 19th May 2017, paving question that developers have abandoned the software now. It had undergone its last update on 26th February 2013.

The main features of FRAPS

  • FRAPS is a free to use, commercial and proprietary software which captures the screen in BMP format and videos for 30 seconds without a watermark. It is also used to benchmark and display computer frame rates.
  • When Windows Aero was available on Windows Vista and Windows 7, then capturing your desktop becomes easy. But since its update to version 3.5.99, they repealed the desktop capture option, but still, you can capture game screens on Windows 8 and 10.
  • If you have got a fast PC with a powerful CPU, then you can record videos in a high resolution – 7600 x 4800 is the highest resolution supported.

Bad video compression

The user needs to install ffshadow to view the output video as FRAPS supports only its proprietary codec. The file size is usually quite high due to low compression. For example, it will use 3.95 GB of space for recording a two-minute video of an HD screen, i.e., 1920 x 1080 screen resolution, which is extremely high. For better compression, the default format is YUV scheme, but you can also use RGB format to encode every pixel.

Reception received

Jim Norris from (, in 2012 gave this software 3.5 out of 5 stars and explained that this free software is usable and feature set. The negative point noted was that the Beepa team provided no support and the queries asked were left unanswered. But still, the product received a lot of praise from Jim Norris as the speed of development was fast and suited the recording needs of most users. Indeed, FRAPS is a highly functional software which will suit the needs of most Windows users. Its powerful screen capturing and benchmarking tool will help users get a better idea of their PC framerate.


FRAPS is primarily a screen-recording software developed for Windows computers. It also includes benchmarking capabilities, as well frame rate display. The free version of the software allows benchmarking, frame rate display, and screen recording which is limited to only 30 seconds with a watermark. Despire its high potential, after years of no updates, the software has now become old, and rusty. In 2019, we would recommend you to use OBS Studio instead for your recording needs.

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