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GTA 4 is all about money – how rich can you get?

A review by James

Grand Theft Auto IV, commonly abbreviated to GTA 4, is an open-world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game was published for PC on October 2, 2008 in North America and December 3rd in Europe. The game is the first part of the Grand Theft Auto series entirely in high definition, the fourth major game installment (as suggested by its name) and the eleventh episode in order of appearance, succeeding Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories which was published in 2006.

Niko Bellic

The story of the game features Niko Bellic, a war veteran from Eastern Europe, who immigrated to the city of Liberty City in the United States, to realize the American dream promised by his family was a lie. He was invited by his cousin, Roman Bellic, who wanted to find a former member of his gang who betrayed him fifteen years ago. However, upon his arrival, Niko quickly learns that Roman’s stories were just lies and that the latter is actually in debt.

An open-world game

Grand Theft Auto IV is an action-adventure video game incorporating third-person driving and shooting elements. The player is able to walk, run, swim, jump and climb different obstacles, use a variety of firearms and weapons, and fight in hand-to-hand combat. The player is also capable of stealing a variety of motorized vehicles and then driving them, such as cars, boats, ships, helicopters or motorcycles. By vehicle or boat, the player can move freely in the open world and shoot with firearms, or even throw grenades or molotov cocktails, from his position as a driver. Annihilator helicopters are equipped with automatic machine guns, while Maverick helicopters can not fire in flight. Only these two types of helicopters are included in the game, because the designers decide to ban the characters use of aircraft because of the attacks of September 11, 2001 – this obviously made many of the game’s fans sad. The open and non-linear environment allows the player a free exploration of the map without any real constraints. However, the player must pass some single-player missions to unlock inaccessible parts of the map and its contents. Several missions may be running at the same time and some require several days of waiting before accessing the following instructions that allow progress. Other characters, most often allies, can accompany or help the player in the missions he has to perform. For the first time in the series, the player can decide his actions during missions, where he can choose to forgive or kill a character. This sometimes affects later story events.

Gang wars

Niko finds himself in the protection of Roman for whom he goes so far as to kill Vladimir “Vlad” Glebov, the lover of his companion Mallorie Bardas. As a result of this event, Niko and Roman are kidnapped by members of the Liberty City Bratva, commanded by Mikhail Faustin and his associate Dimitri Rascalov. However, happy to hear about Vlad’s death, Faustin hires Niko to kill Lenny, the son of Kenny Petrović, the most powerful member of the Bratva game. In fact, Petrović demands that Dimitri assassinate Faustin. Dimitri entrusts this task to Niko, but betrays the latter to associate with Bulgarin. After a fire, triggered by the men of Dimitri, who ravaged their apartment, Niko and Roman leave the neighborhoo and settle in the apartment of a cousin of Mallorie located in the neighborhood of Bohan. They want to restart their lives, but find themselves ruined. To make money, Niko agrees to work for Brucie Kibbutz who charges him to get rid of his enemies – so basically an assassin.

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