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PeaZip is a popular free and open-source software used to compress (archive) and decompress (extract) a multitude of files, including the most popular file types such as .zip, .7z and .tar.

What does PeaZip do better than its competitors?

  • PeaZip is useful in that it allows users to power search inside of archived content, to find a particular file name etc. which can be extremely helpful when working with large data.
  • Another useful feature is that PeaZip can create and extract several archives at once as a single task. Other archivers like WinRAR can do this, however certain ones such as 7-Zip can only create one archive at the same time which can be very time-consuming.
  • PeaZip can be operated using command line codes – it is therefore quite simple to run an application using PeaZip in order to achieve a certain goal.
  • PeaZip can  analyze and ope  compressed or uncompressed files with external applications.

Other features include strong encryption, robust file copy, split / concatenate files, secure data destruction, comparison, checksum and hash files, system benchmark, random password generation, and key file generation.

File extensions you can compress and extract with PeaZip

PeaZip can compress or extract (decompress) the following file formats:

  • 7z and 7z-SFX
  • FreeArc’s ARC/WRC
  • bzip2: bz2, tar.bz2, tbz, tb2
  • gzip: gz, tar.gz, tgz
  • PEA
  • tar
  • WIM
  • xz
  • Zip

PeaZip can browse through or extract the following file formats:

  • ACE
  • ARJ
  • CAB
  • CHM
  • Compound File (e.g. MSI, DOC, PPT, XLS)
  • CPIO
  • deb
  • EAR
  • ISO image
  • JAR
  • LZMA
  • LZH
  • NSIS installers
  • OpenOffice’s OpenDocument
  • PET/PUP (Puppy Linux installers)
  • PAK/PK3/PK4
  • RAR including archives created with new RARv5 standard
  • RPM
  • U3P
  • WAR
  • XPI
  • Z (compress)

The PEA file format

PeaZip has its own archive format, called PEA, which supports compression, multi-archive creation and flexible tools for encryption and integrity checking.

Is PeaZip free?

PeaZip is released under the LGPL for Windows and Linux as an installation package (Windows installer, Deb, RPM, Slackware .tgz) and as a portable package that does not need to be installed and the system does not change. It is an open-source software and can be legally downloaded and distributed for free.

Is PeaZip safe?

In earlier versions of PeaZip (versions earlier than 5.3), the PeaZip setup for Windows bundled in 3rd-party (optional) software which the user can choose or reject to install. These software are regarded as adware and can cause user data to be extracted, as well as taking over browser space such as toolbars and changing your browser search engine automatically. However following version 5.3 PeaZip has stopped bundling its installers with  adware and it can (for now) be considered safe to download the software.

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