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This SNES classic is released on PC after 25 years

A review by Peter

Originally released as a famous SNES title in 1993, Secret of Mana makes a worldwide comeback in 2018 with an impressive 3D remake of the game released on PC on PlayStation 4. Secret of Mana is considered to be one of the best action-role-playing games developed by the the developers Square, who were later renamed to the now well-known “Square Enix”. The game revolved around three main characters: a young boy (who is the game’s hero), a girl, and a “sprite”. These characters (which are all playable) must explore the fantasy world of Secret of Mana, where they will meet monsters and challenges on their quest to recover the secret Sword of Mana.

What is Seiken Densetsu 2?

Initially, Secret of Mana was released as a sequel of the 1991 debut Seiken Densetsu (which you might also know as Final Fantasy Adventure). In fact, Secret of Mana was released as “Seiken Densetsu 2 ” within Japan. The game was an instant hit – the high definition graphics left users in awe and led to a rapid increase in the game’s popularity. In fact, the biggest indicator of the game’s success is the fact that it has been around two decades since the game has launched, and the game is still being played and discussed by gamers from Japan to Europe.

The uniqueness of Secret of Mana

Secret of Mana features a unique take on real-time battles along with power bars that gives players a realistic, traditional gaming experience of fighting battles. The game also has an interesting Ring Command/”radial ring menu system” which allows the player to pause in mid-battle to make strategic decisions.

Secret of Mana has an action-packed storyline

Secret of Mana starts off with three boys who are from a village called “Potos” that defied the orders of their elders which led them into a dangerous position – they go into a nearby waterfall (where a treasure was supposed to be hidden) and one of the boys, named Randi, falls and finds a sword entrenched inside a stone. The young boy pulls on the sword and is surprisingly able to pull it free – but in doing so he awakens an ancient curse where monsters surround Potos. This goes along with a well-known prophecy that the sword should not be removed. Since it was Randi that did the act, the village decided to exile him. However as Randi is leaving the village, an old knight named Jema recognizes the sword as a legendary, fabled “Mana Sword” and encourages Randi to re-engergize the sword. As he sets out on his journey, Randi who is by now considered the story’s protagonist, is accompanied the “girl” and a “sprit child” called Popoi. And thus, they set out on their journey.

Multiplayer and controls

The player can play with only one of the three characters at the same time, but can easily switch between them. When you are controlling a character in single player, artificial intelligence takes on the role of the other two. However, when you are playing multiplayer each player (out of three) will be controlling their own character.

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