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A review by Nicole

The Sims 3 is a video game of life simulation game series The Sims, developed by Maxis (Electronic Arts group) and published by EA Games. The gameplay of the Sims 3 is the same as previous Sims games. It is about simulating the life of a family or a Sim alone or in a couple, in his/her neighborhood. The game has no physical violence, no score to beat, you just must live your character in his/her everyday life. A large part of the game consists in having his Sim interact with its environment, and live a life just as you would live yours. This includes building relationships and getting job. You must also build your own house and choose its furnishings and design, as in the previous Sims games. Additionally, thanks to new design tools, objects can all be customized directly from the game by changing their texture or color.

Unique character traits

The player can now assign character traits to his Sims among many possibilities, and thus create unique characters. The personality of your Sim is characterized by several traits that influence his/her inward and outward behavior (i.e. towards himself and towards other Sims as well). Characte traits are acquired throughout your Sims life, as such: 2 (as a baby), 3 (as a child), 4 (as a teenager) and 5 (for the rest of your Sims life). Of course, a sim created from scratch must have its character traits directly designated by the player. Sometimes, two traits of character can not exist in the same Sim for the good and simple reason that they are opposed by nature. For example, we will not be able to give the same Sim the “Humoroes” trait at the same time as a “No sense of humor” trait.

A creative Sim-building tool

The Create a Sim workshop is the part of the game in which the player creates his/her characters from scratch, from a 3D model that can be modified. The principle is similar to previous games, however wth the addition that The Sims 3 allows you features such as the ability to change shoes and clothes separately and the addition of clothing accessories and more details to the face. New sliders have replaced older model types. For example, the system of three body types (fine, normal, and fat) has been replaced by sliders that control muscle volume and body build, supplemented by sliders that control muscle definition and chest size. The color of the skin (which is not limited to typical human skin color – it can even be blue or green!), the tone of voice, the color of the hair and eyes, among others, can also be adjusted. The old system of personality points has been replaced by a system of personality “character traits”, as mentioned earlier. If the player has a Sims 3 expansion installed which adds creatures to the create-a-sim interface (for example, a vampire), you can edit the features of the creatures by clicking on a square with a “Human” drawing, and then choosing the desired creature.

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