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In a dystopian world of lies, will you break through your chains and discover life beyond Wellington Wells?

A review by Peter

We Happy Few is a 2018 action-adventure/science-fiction thriller game rdeveloped by Compulsion Games and published by Gearbox Publishing for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

What if the Nazis won the Second World War?

We Happy Few is set in a retro-futuristic England during the Cold War in the 1960s in an alternate world story in which the Germans win the Second World War. At some point, the inhabitants of the country did such a terrifying act that they were allowed to live on their own in the dystopian city of Wellington Wells. In order to escape the guilt and the tormenting thoughts of the deed, the residents began to consume the hallucogenic drug dubbed “Joy”.

Rebel against the system and the drug Joy

The player assumes the role of one of three rebellious characters who have to perform tasks and try to escape this fictional city. The city turns out to be a crumbling fantasy world on the brink of social collapse, as residents have began to overuse the hallucinogenic drug Joy, which keeps them happy and makes them forget the truth about their life. As a result, the inhabitants believe they live in a utopia and are more easily manipulated and show a lack of morality, which leads to cruelty to normal citizens who are not using the drug. All those who do not take Joy were expelled from Wellington Wells, and those who voluntarily renounce them are considered downers, and thus are enemies to be killed.

Play as Arthur Hastings

Arthur Hastings is the first playable protagonist, and his role is censoring newspapers to prevent the city’s residents from unwanted thoughts and influences. In reviewing old newspaper articles, he encounters a report about his brother Percy. As the Joy dose wears off at the time, he recalls the day Percy disappeared and was allegedly sent to Germany. So he completed skips his next Joy dose to find out what happened to Percy. He is confronted with the grim reality he had previously seen only under the happy mask and was caught by his colleagues and his boss Victoria Byng by being called “Downer”. Whereupon the character is followed by Bobby’s, a wicked spin-off of regular English street police. Through supply tunnels, Arthus escapes to the Garden District and realizes that Wellington Wells is in trouble. The population on the heavily populated islands of Maidenholm, Parade and St. George’s Holm are all using drugs and are unaware of their addiciton, while the remainder, consisting of abandoned villages and crumbling ruins, rusty car wrecks and toxic waste dumps of misery. Some residents have an allergy to the drug Joy and, although they can return to the city, cannot participate in the carefree life of the others. Together with other characters such as Sally and Ollie, Arthur reveals secretive truths about each location…

Compulsion Games, Gearbox Publishing
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