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MichaelA free, open source project for PC users to mount .iso and other files

A review by Michael

WinCDEmu is a utility which allows users to mount disk image files in Microsoft Windows (Windows XP or later). The software is recommended as it is free and open-source, and has been known to be as the safest disc drive mounter. It was initially released on July 29, 2008, as an open-source emulator, being developed by Sysprogs UG. It installs a device driver which lets users access images of a DVD or CD as if they were physical drives. For those who are using Windows 2000, keep in mind that this operating system is not supported by the emulator. Nevertheless, you can obtain a Win2K version that is compatible with this operating system by building the sources using Windows 2000 DDK. However, most of you will be used later versions of Windows (at least Windows 7 or later) so this does not apply to you. WinCDEmu is considered as one of the best image mounters, due to its unique functionalities:

Supported Images

Unlike other utilities of this kind, you can mount images like IMG, ISO, NRG, CUE, CCD, and MDS/MDF with a single click. More than that, there is no limit regarding the number of virtual drivers that WinCDEmu supports. This is in contrast with other software such as PowerISO and Daemon Tools Lite which places limits on its users.

Supported Languages

WinCDEmu is translated in more than 30 languages. Users can download the most recent language files, and they can even submit their translations in the Online Translation System.

Size of the installer

One of the primary qualities that make this software more special is its small installer size, which takes less than 2MB. More than that, after the installation, it does not require a reboot like other disc mounters – you can use is straight away.

Compatiblity with 32-bit &6 4-bit Windows

For versions of Windows, from XP to Windows 10, this utility can run both on 64-bit and 32-bit.

Create ISO images

Besides the fact that WinCDEmu can mount disk image files (it supports data, BD-video, and DVD-video images), it can create ISO images too, through a context menu in Explorer.

Portable Version

WinCDEmu has a special portable version that allows its users to run it out-of-the-box. It does not need to be installed in order to use it.

User Interface

The user interface of WinCDEmu is simplistic and minimal. This makes it both quick and easy to use.

Administrator Privileges

The fact that users have the option to set up the app to require administrator privileges when mounting an image comes in handy especially for operating systems like Windows 7 and Vista, and well playing older games that were originally released for Windows XP (which required users to run games as an administrator).

Bottom line

WinCDEmu has a simplistic user interface and offers users almost every requirement they need in realtion to image mounting. It is a free and open-source utility, which gives its developers and community the opportunity to make useful upgrades.

User rating
4.7/53 ratings
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10