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Grow a farming business from scratch in this realistic farming simulator.

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Farm Expert 2016 is a farm simulation video game developed by video game studio Silden and published by studios PlayWay, Ravenscourt and KOCH Media for Microsoft Windows, and was originally released on this platform on June 19, 2015, worldwide. Farm Expert 2016 is now available as part of the Pro Simulator Pack, which is a collection of similarly-styled simulation games like Beach Resort Simulator and Mining Industry Simulator and 5 other simulation games produced by PlayWay studios. The main sequel to the game titled “Farm Expert 2017” was released by Silden and published by PlayWay, Ravenscourt and KOCH Media on September 1, 2016, for Microsoft Windows platforms.

Become a country-side farmer

Farm Expert 2016 is a game where players take on the role of a country-side farmer and are tasked with harvesting crops and taking care of cattle to earn money and successfully manage and expand their farms. Farm Expert 2016 is set on a beautifully detailed country-side environment where the use of an updated physics and graphics engine cites in-depth gaming from players. Players can grow a wide variety of crops and sell them for money. They can also drive vehicles from real-life authentic automobile brands. Such vehicles can be used as tools for plantation or harvesting, or just to explore the county-side lands.

Make your golden fields thrive

In Farm Expert 2016, growth is everything. Players need to cultivate their fields on time and have to plow it for future plantation to be possible. Animals can be grown and resultant products like milk can be sold while manure can be used as fertilizers for plants. Farm Expert 2016 also encompasses a buying and selling system where players can use the cash earned by selling harvest and animal products to buy new vehicles and tools. Similarly, the game also features a realistically styled physics engine, so that players can use vehicles and use tools on the field like never before.

Fruit Company and Farm Machines Pack

Since its official release on 19 June 2015, two official DLCs for Farm Expert 2016 have been released. One DLC titled “Fruit Company” introduces a completely new map to explore, and places a fruit-processing plant in the game which players can use to make jams, juices and canned foods which can then be sold for money, along with new vehicles which can be used to transport the food, among other things. The second DLC titled “Farm Machines Pack” introduces 18 completely new, licensed and fully usable machines to the players.

Farming together

Farm Expert 2016 also utilizes a co-operative multiplayer mode in which player can band together to manage their farms and make it successfully. Using this feature, they are allowed to share resources and grow their farms together, which makes for a whole new sense of realistic immersion to the game.

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