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Harvest crops, use tractors to plow land, and get ready for selling your hard-earned produce!

A review by Peter

Farm Expert 2017 is the sequel to Farm Expert 2016, which was developed by Silden studio and published by PlayWay, Ravenscourt and KOCH Media, which was released for Microsoft Windows initially on September 1, 2016. Farm Expert 2017 is a farm simulator like the previous titles in the series. In the game, the players are given the role of a modern-day farmer, whose sole task is to harvest crops, grow and take care of cattle, and use various vehicles and tools in the process as they earn money and expand their farms simultaneously.

New realistic farming techniques

The game improves from its predecessor games and employs new soil physics as well as improved vehicular control based on real-life models and composition. Using its new engine, Silden has created a dynamic farming environment where things are always changing. For example, the condition of soil will depend on the weather condition at the time of farming. Similarly, there is also the risk of your vehicle getting stuck in the soil if approached carelessly. To decrease soil acidity, you have to lime the soil and maintain its condition using three types of plant protection products. All of this makes for a realistic and immersive farming world where the player really feels like he is in control of his farm, and the growth or the failure of the farm is completely dependent upon him. With over 170 farming machines from authentic brands like Kuhn, Ponsse, Pöttinger, Rauch, Landini, McCormick, Valpanada, Vogel&Noot, a realistic world, and dynamic weather changes, players are given all the control and put in the shoes of a real farmer.

Backyard Workshop

Farm Expert 2017 also has added features besides the ones already present in the previous titles. Now the game has a Backyard Workshop function which allows players to take care of the vehicles. Players have to change parts that have been used up during farming and put the consoles in Front Loader. Another new feature is the Greenhouse: players can take care of and grow plants by checking on each stage of their growth while maintaining temperature and humidity to help them flourish. And for the first time in the series, modding has been added to the game, which players can use to establish their gaming ideas into the game.

Play with others

Like the previous title, Farm Expert 2017 also employs a better and stronger multiplayer function which players can use to band up with other players around the world and take care of their farms while helping each other out using resources and equipment. This further improves the sense of realism in the game, as this how farmers act in real life too: surviving while helping each other out. A free DLC called “Hard Terrain” was released after the initial game, which includes added dynamisms like real-time pond formation while raining and improved graphics. No sequels to the game have been announced or released.

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