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Farming Simulator 2013 introduces new crops and farming techniques

A review by Peter

Farming Simulator 2013 is the fourth installment in the Farming Simulator series of simulation video games, developed by studio Giants Software and published by Focus Home Interactive, and was initially released for Microsoft Windows on October 25, 2012. Almost a year after its original release, the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game were released. A main sequel titled “Farming Simulator 15” was released on October 30, 2014 for OS X and Windows, with the console versions being released on May 19, 2015. A sequel for mobile called “Farming Simulator 14” was released on November 18, 2013.

Harvest crops and grow your livestock

Like previous titles in the series, in Farming Simulator 2013, players take on the role of a modern-day farmer tasked with growing his own personal farm by growing and harvesting crops and livestock. Expansions have been made from the previous games, such as new plants to harvest (sugar beet and potatoes) and new livestock to grow (chicken, sheep, and cow), as well a whole new gallery of newer vehicles to use and explore. Players start out with a single field next to their farm, and they’re expected to grow basic crops there, which will be harvested and sold or used to grow livestock, which in turns makes more money for buying more land and fertilizers, etc. to further increase your sales and expand your farm.

New side quests

Players are also offered side-missions aside from the main career mode where they are given extra tasks to complete from which players can earn extra cash. All side-missions are timed, and failure to complete the task within set time-period will result in the player getting no rewards. However, completing a task relatively quickly will provide them with bonus cash aside from the main reward. There are two types of missions: one where you are tasked with mowing a certain area, and other where your task is to displace goods from one place to another. Despite it being an arcade-style game, Farming Simulator 2013 incorporates strategy in the game, like using a specific vehicle to decrease time and labor.

Over 100 vehicles and tools!

The game features over 100 vehicles and vehicular tools, virtual dynamic terrains based on Europe and U.S. as well as a multiplayer feature in which players can band up with up to manage their farm along with 10 other players whether via the Internet or using a LAN connection. Using this feature, players can share their mods, vehicles and equipment with players all over the world, providing extended hours of gameplay.

Titanium Edition

A year after its release on desktop, the game received a large update and was released as the “Titanium Edition”. Since then, 5 DLCs for the game have been included, one of which is the add-on that gives the Titanium Edition update. Several mods have also been created for the game, which can be downloaded from the main menu.

TL;DR The fourth installment of the Farming Simulator series brings with it new vehicles, fields to plant, animals to farm and a more realistic farming experience!

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