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MichaelOrigin is EA’s Steam competitor used to distribute Electronic Arts games

A review by Michael

Origin, which used to be named EA Store, EA Download Manager, EA Downloader and EA Link is an online digital distribution platorm used by Electronic Arts to distribute games and apps on PC and mobile.

A major competitor to Steam and Epic Games Launcher

The client is similar to Steam and Blizzard’s own platform, and is regarded as a competitor to these platforms. Recently, Epic Games have released their own platform (the Epic Games Launcher) as a competitor as well. Although it was officially released to distribute EA games, Origin has also been used to release games made by different developers and publishers, and operates a revenue-sharing model. Origin operates on the cloud and offers users game downloads, automatic updates and in-game rewards and achievements. Origin is also multi-platform and can operate across multiple devices including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Making game downloads and updates seamless

Origin is mainly used to allow customers of EA (and other) games to download certain games, as well as play the games in multiplayer mode with other players online. However, Origin also incorporates certain social features such as profile management (where users can create a social media-like profile with pictures and a timeline), chat capabilities using Internet Relay Chat technology, the ability to join game parties online, and game library sharing as well. Origin is also incorporated well into certain networking websites such as Xbox Live, Facebook and the PSN.

Collecting private data?

In its early days, Origin came under heavy fire by leaks that downloading the platform, allows EA to collect data from user hard drives and send this data directly to EA servers. This data is then resold to other companies, thus generating EA a significant profit. However despite this drawback, Origin remains a vital platform which must be used to play games such as The Sims 4 and Generals.

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